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Secure Your Connected World

Sonikpass empowers you to verify your identity and prove your physical proximity to any access point.

Verified Identity + Verified Proximity = Verified Presence™


We created Sonikpass to provide the highest level of security without compromising usability

Keys and access cards can be stolen or duplicated. Passwords can be shared or hacked. In the escalating race to protect our digital and physical worlds, current solutions keep adding layers of inconvenience in an attempt to prove we own our digital-self.

So, we created Sonikpass.


Usability and Security Reimagined

Every Sonikpass authentication event is as unique as you.

Our A.I. utilizes biometric and behavioral data provided by your mobile device to confirm your identify and generate an encoded sonic signature unique to you for that moment and place.

Designed for simplicity with user input requirements tailored to each application, Sonikpass generates sonic signatures in real time to access everything from digital rights to online systems to physical spaces.

Proximity Enforced

Using patent pending technology that utilizes sonic signatures to ensure you are physically present at an access point.

A.I Driven

Biometric and behavior data combine with machine learning to provide timely and accurate identification and authentication events.

Enterprise Ready

Sonikpass provides simple tie-in API's and integration kits and is language and platform agnostic.


One solution, endless possibilities

Compatible with any system or IoT device that has a microphone and speaker. Examples:


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